Every map tells a story.

Save the places and share the memories that matter to you with Mapalong.

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1 Start by saving your places.

Record your special places. Save a favorite cafe or an amazing view you’ve found. Add notes, links, and tags. Share your places with friends. Explore theirs.

2 Epic tales are coming soon.

Imagine if you could explore your photos, tweets, and check-ins on a map. Imagine if you could see those from friends and create shared memories. You can, soon!

Having recently moved to Brooklyn, discovering places with Mapalong has been the guide of a lifetime. Love it!

Brian Hoff, Brooklyn

Mapalong offers a more personal, open, and visual approach to annotating trips, events, or even your life.

Kevin Cheng, San Francisco

Mapalong should be called Mapthedayaway! Tracking my journeys while discovering my friends’ journeys is like modern cartography, and I’m obsessed!

Aymie Spitzer, Brooklyn

I just spent all of five minutes in Mapalong and I’m in love. Can’t wait to get my friends into this!

Omar McFarlane, Somewhere

Just got my invite this morning but I have only one thing to say about it so far. I. LOVE. MAPALONG.

Jackie Balzer, Brooklyn

I'm in love with Mapalong. The interface makes me go wow every time I use it.

Vid Luther, San Antonio

With Mapalong, location sharing has finally grown up.

William Spencer, Brooklyn

Listing places
Explore the world with list view.
Adding a place
Get detailed information about a place.

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Hello, friends. We are not actively working on Mapalong, but we use it every day, and so do thousands of you. We plan to resume our work in the near future. Thanks for your trust!”

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An Analog endeavour

Mapalong was incubated by Analog — Chris Shiflett, Andrei Zmievski, Jon Gibbins, and Jon Tan.

It’s nurtured with help from our fine friends like Cameron Koczon of Fictive Kin, Ed Finkler, and Adam Robertson. It would be worse without encouragement and critique from folks like Studiomates, the Mild Bunch, and our heroic beta testers.

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